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Bridges and Crowns in Prescott WI

Missing teeth can have adverse effects on your mental and physical well being. Some patients feel embarrassed to smile for pictures or laugh without covering their mouth. Others find that missing teeth have caused their other teeth to shift and become crooked. In some cases, the gaps in your smile can even alter the shape of your face.

Missing teeth can also affect the types of foods you consume, and gaps in certain areas can change the way you speak and pronounce certain words. Fortunately, there are restorative dental procedures that can help protect your existing teeth and replace the teeth you have lost.

Dental bridges and crowns are restorative dentistry options that can help protect and restore your smile.

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What Are

Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are oral prosthetics that restore the shape and size of damaged teeth. Specifically, a dental crown is a cap that can be cemented over a damaged tooth. There are multiple uses for dental crowns in dentistry that include:

  • Protecting damaged or weak teeth from further damage
  • Covering a cavity that is too large for a filling
  • Supporting a dental bridge
  • Protecting a tooth after a root canal treatment
  • Covering a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • Dental crowns are generally made from porcelain, metal or ceramic. Depending on the severity of decay, it may be necessary to perform a root canal procedure before placing a crown over the tooth.

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What Are Dental Bridges?

You may benefit from a dental bridge if you are missing multiple teeth. Our dentists can use a dental bridge to seamlessly “bridge” the gaps between teeth and restore your smile in a very natural-looking way. Dental bridges also help secure the teeth around a missing tooth and help keep them in place.

There are different types of dental bridges, but the most common is the traditional bridge. With a traditional dental bridge, crowns are placed on teeth or implants next to a prosthetic tooth or teeth.

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